Friday, 21 August 2009

Trouble On The Horizon

Two of my teenage daughters just spent a month in the USA with my parents, cousins, siblings and their families. They just got back today. I have really missed them, and I am so glad they are home!

They left with 2 big suitcases and 1 small suitcase. They came home with 2 big suitcases, 2 small suitcases, 3 HUGE suitcases and a large box - all full of goodies from the US that cannot be found here in the UK.

Yep, my diet is in trouble.

All I'm allowing myself until Monday's weigh-in is the Diet Mug Root Beer they brought for me (my favorite). After that, I'll have to figure out how to work a treat into my daily menu on occassion without destroying all of my healthy-eating efforts. (The urge to binge is strong, but I am stronger than it!)


  1. Now I'm curious. What kind of stuff did they bring home that you can't find in the UK?

  2. It's funny, I was going to write the same thing Kimberly wrote. :-) I do agree with her though - stay strong!

  3. hard to imagine we have that good of stuff here, as far as I can tell our stuff is shite. I miss a lot of the food I only saw in Ireland.


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