Monday 11 June 2012

The Skinny Dreaming Book idea

My newest project is a non-fiction book that is really still in the idea stage right now. It will be written as something to complement this weight loss, fitness and healthy living blog. I will happily take any suggestions anyone would like to leave me on how I should format the thing and on what types of content I should cover. Those of you who regularly read this blog know that it includes my weight loss story, inspirational stories about others' weight losses, informative articles on recent research into health and fitness, tips to aid with weight loss and healthy recipes. Many people have suggested that I write this book, but writing a non-fiction book is a new experience for me, so I think I have been stuck in the planning stage for it for a little too long.

I might start writing it through a series of blog posts here which will be incorporated into the book itself at a later date.

I'm serious about taking any helpful suggestions for it. I would love suggestions!