Friday 30 January 2009

Non Scale Victory

It has been a little while since I took my kids to our local mother and toddler group, but they love going so I made myself take them to it today. I wore a new blouse I bought recently. Most of my clothes are now loose and baggy on me, but this one fits and shows off my new figure a little bit.

It was so worth wearing my new shirt! The women there all commented on my weight loss, and I wish I could show their faces to you when I first walked in! Some of them actually looked stunned. Most of them looked surprised. It felt great and gave a huge boost to my ego and my motivation.

Oh, and it's hard to believe it has happened so fast, but this is my 100th post!

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Half Way!

I realized, after posting last night about my four pound loss, that I am slightly OVER the half way mark to my goal weight! I've lost a total of 69.5 pounds now, and I have 68 pounds left to reach my target weight.


I really can do this!

Monday 26 January 2009

Four Pounds!!!

Robert and I both lost weight this week! I lost four pounds!!! I am just half a pound shy of losing 70 pounds (5 stone)! Robert lost half a pound.

Now we both have to keep the momentum going. I'm hoping to swing a 2 pound loss at next week's weigh-in.

Total weight loss to date: 69.5 pounds (4 stone 13.5 pounds)

Saturday 24 January 2009

Scale Checking

My scale is showing me as being down 4 pounds this week. I don't tend to have big-loss weeks, so I don't think the scale will stay there, but I can hope!

I am trying really hard not to step on my scale all the time. I'm getting better at resisting the temptation, but I still step on it twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. I only count my once-a-week weigh-ins at the Slimming World meetings as my offical weigh-ins though.

It's not easy to break the scale habit. Nor is it easy to resist letting my weight on the scale effect my mood for the day.

Oh, My Back!

Suffering some serious back pain. I woke up with pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, upper back, middle back and lower back (so basically all over). Maybe it has something to do with the cold I am coming down with.

In other news, I am back to exercising on my elliptical crosstrainer. It is still broken. It is incredibly boring using it without any display so I can't see the calories I'm burning, the distance I've covered or the time I've spent. Because of the boredom, I am only doing 20 minutes on the machine. Still, I've found that if I do 30+ minutes of aerobic exercise on the Wii Fit right after using the elliptical trainer, I get a pretty decent work-out. The key is to do the two things one right after the other.

I'm starting to get a headache now, so I think my muscle pain can definitely be attributed to my cold. *sigh*

Tuesday 20 January 2009

This Week's Weigh-In

Last night's weigh-in was not good. Despite putting in a lot of effort this week, I gained a pound. It is really depressing thing to have happen. To exercise and eat healthy and feel really good about how you've done during the week and then to see that you have actually gained a pound instead of losing the two pounds you were hoping to lose is a frustrating event.

I did not do my elliptical crosstraining exercise because the machine is still broken, but I made the effort to do 30 minutes to an hour of Wii Fit aerobic exercise each day and I went out in the freezing cold with my husband each night to take the dog on long walks. I ate even better (low calories and fat) than usual.

Robert did really well this week too, but he still saw a gain of one and a half pounds on the scale.

This is my biggest one week gain since I started this healthy lifestyle, and this is the first time Robert has seen a gain for two weeks in a row, as well as the first time he's seen a gain when he's actually tried for a loss.

I keep thinking, What more can we do?

I can do one of two things now. I can just say, "Screw it," and let myself feel discouraged enough to quit trying, or I can suck it up and keep trying and hope to see a loss on the scale next week. Guess which one I am going to do.

Monday 19 January 2009


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And Lyn at Escape From Obesity is also having a give-away. Go check it out read details on how to win.

And Ricki is having a contest here over at Diet, Dessert & Dogs. Go check it out.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Terry's Chocolate Orange

I had to buy some milk and bread a couple of days ago, so I bundled the kids up and got the two youngest into the double stroller and walked to the shops that are about a ten minute walk from here. I bought what we needed and then walked home. I got to my front door and turned the key, and then turned to help Connor, my two year old, out of the front of the stroller.

In his arms was a Terry's Chocolate Orange. He must have grabbed it while I was paying for the milk and bread. Stores always leave horribly fattening and bad-for-you stuff near the tills. Connor hugged it to him like he would a favorite toy.

I didn't want to walk all the way back to the shop, so I decided to take it back or pay for it next time I go.

In the meantime, I considered the treat. I used to love those milk chocolatey orange segments. In fact, with a bite here and there throughout the day, there were times when I would eat an entire chocolate orange in one day.

So how many calories would I be consuming when I had days like that? Well, the box for the chocolate orange says it is 139 calories for a three segments serving. There are 20 segments in a Terry's Chocolate Orange. That comes to a whopping 926.6 calories!

Even knowing this, the smooth texture and delicious scent of the orange called to me all day. *sigh*

Tuesday 13 January 2009

Body Boot Camp December 2008 Challenge Winner!

One of the weight loss forums I frequent has a monthly competition for losing weight. I won the competition for last December!!!! Woohoo!

Along with this cute little trophy, BBC Monthly Challenge Champion Dec 08 I will also receive a gift certificate.

It feels really great to win! Is it silly that I am more pleased about getting to use the trophy on my blog than about getting the gift certificate?

The forum is called Body Boot Camp.

Most Resolutions End Before They Start

According to my local news channel, the experts say that most New Year's resolutions have failed and have been given up January 22nd.

So, if your reading this blog because you want to lose weight or get healthier, then do something for me (or rather, for you). Commit to eating healthy and exercising at least through February 1st. And then, on February 1st, recommit to doing it until March 1st. And so on like that.

Just don't give up, even if you slip!

Bulgur Wheat

Robert is cooking us dinner tonight. He's already got it cooking in the crockpot/slow cooker. Last time he made this dish, he made it with rice. This time, we are trying some bulgur wheat in it instead of rice because we won a couple of packs of bulgur wheat at Slimming World before Christmas.

Having never tried bulgur wheat before, neither of us knows what to expect or whether or not we will like it. I hope we do like it or all of the other ingredients in our dinner will be wasted.

The dish Robert is making is this: chopped carrots (4 to 6), chopped onions (2 large white ones), chopped celery (a few stalks), chopped swede (one), chopped turnip (one), chopped broccoli (one bag), Quorn chicken-style pieces ("fake chicken" for those of you who don't have the Quorn brand of vegetarian dishes), and chicken stock (substitute vegetable or onion stock for vegetarians). Add all ingredients with water to the crockpot. Cook on high for two hours and then on low for a couple of hours. Add in rice or bulgur wheat when almost finished, giving time for the rice to cook properly and soak up the seasonings and liquid. Eat.

Bulgur wheat is supposed to be a really healthy food.

Ever tried bulgur wheat? What did you think of it? I'll let you know my verdict once I've tried it.

Monday 12 January 2009


After going up and down with the same half pound for the past three weeks, I finally had a decent weekly loss again! I weighed in at Slimming World tonight and am down 2 pounds!

Robert had a 1.5 pound gain this week and is now out of his target range. He'll have to go back to paying for the Slimming World meetings again, so he has decided to go for an even lower target this time.

When he does his weight loss whole heartedly, it helps me stick with it too.

This will be another good week.

My total loss so far is 66.5 pounds (4 stone 10.5 pounds).

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Yikes! Not Again!

So much for my plan of increasing my exercise this week! After just 26 minutes on the elliptical machine, the electrics on it died! This is our third machine! Argh!

Did I mention that the company we bought it from, which gave us a 2 year warranty, has gone bankrupt? I hope the warranty is through the manufacturer.

The Shape We Know

Yesterday, in preparation for going out with my husband, I decided to go into my closet and find a dress to wear. I knew I had some dresses in my closet that were last worn when I weighed what I weigh now, and they had looked pretty good on me at the time.

But things have changed. My body may weigh the same as it did when I last wore those dresses, but it is no longer shaped the same as it was then. My boobs hang a little lower (the product of having had four more kids since then), but that can be helped with a good bra. The changes to my stomach and waist area aren't so easily helped though. Everything is a lot squishier and lumpier than it used to be. I lost a lot of weight while pregnant, and the effect that the stretching of the extra weight and the pregnancy have had is lots of loose skin.

I tried on each dress, looked in the full-length mirror and thought, "Yuck!"

Was it discouraging? Not really. Instead of thinking, "I lost all of this weight and still look like that?!!", I just felt a larger urge to get exercising. I may not ever be able to get my body back to the way I knew it to be, but I can have a good go at getting it as close to beautiful and healthy as possible.

7th Anniversary Date & Weigh-In

On our way out to dinner for our 7th wedding anniversary, Robert and I stopped at our Slimming Wold meeting for our weekly weigh-in. Despite going back to my calorie-counting and exercise routine this week, I was up half a pound. I'm annoyed about it, but not discouraged. Robert was up a pound and a half, but still within his target.

We then went out to eat. Robert chose a Chinese restaurant. He ordered a chicken dish for our starter. He was going to order duck, but I don't like duck. Then I had chicken chow mein and chilli beef. I didn't eat much of the chilli beef because I didn't like the way it was prepared. The texture and taste suggested that they just fried up the fat of the meat for the dish (as if frying it wasn't fattening enough), and I was unimpressed with the flavor.

Then we had a decadent caramel and chocolate ice cream dessert.

Robert presented me with yet another anniversary gift - some beautiful earrings he bought at a jewelry store. I was perfectly happy with my shawl and rose, so he didn't need to give me anything else. I love the earrings though! I wasn't wearing any, so I put them on right away.

When we got home last night, my daughter Kayla took a couple of pictures of us.
Becky & Robert 7th anniversary 05 Jan 09
Becky & Rob kiss 7th anniversary 05 Jan 09

(You might assume from the first photo that I am on my knees to avoid my body showing, but actually that's just the natural height difference between my 6'8" tall husband and 5'2" short me.)

I have a lot of exercise to do today to make up for last night's meal. I still can't figure out where the half pound weight gain came from. My daily calories never went over 1,500 last week, and I spent 45 minutes exercising daily for six out of seven days last week.

Monday 5 January 2009

Our 7th Anniversary

Today is Robert's and my 7th wedding anniversary. Traditional gifts are suppposed to be wool, and it's been snowing here, so I gave him a wool hat and gloves and he bought me a beautiful, soft, black shawl. (It's not actually wool, because he knows I am allergic to wool.) He also bought me a sentimental card and a single red rose.

I would have liked to have found his wedding ring that he lost due to losing so much weight that it fell off his finger, but it never was found. I'll be buying him a new one soon, because he misses it. But the new one won't be as special as the first one which I put on his finger as I said my vows.

We have our weigh-in tonight, but we will not be staying for the meeting. We are going out for dinner tonight instead.

In all of these seven years (and before), I have never once doubted how much he loves me, and I have never had any reason to question my love for him.

Happy anniversary, Robert!

Vampire Eating

Pasta Queen, a fellow diet blogger who has lost an incredible 190 pounds and kept it off, posted a blog about vampire eating. I love her description of it:

"I've partaken in vampire eating habits more frequently recently. My cravings play nice during the day and bare their fangs at night."

The phrase caught my eye for two reasons. First, I noticed it because I have vampires on my mind since I am designing Twilight stuff for my shop. Second, it caught my attention because I can completely relate to it! Evenings are the worst for me! Sometimes I'll even eat stuff I'm not particularly fond of because I suddenly feel so hungry, even though, rationally, I know it's not true hunger I am feeling.

Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

A new year is here! Hope you all have had a decent 2008 and are looking forward o a shiny new year!

May we all reach our goals in 2009!