Sunday 29 December 2013

It's all in how we look at things #positivethinking

photo by Connor Fyfe

Today, I took the dog for his morning walk. The ground was completely covered in frost, turning everything white. It was incredibly cold out, but my dog Mercury needed to go for his walk regardless of the weather.

I bundled up and reluctantly stepped outside. But that's when my attitude went through a transformation. Outside, with everything coated in a layer of frosty ice, all of the rubbish and litter was hidden away, being covered in the same white frost as everything else. And the sun was out, so everything sparkled and glittered in the sunshine, the ice of the frost reflecting the sunlight in bright twinkling sparkles off of every surface. I started to enjoy the beauty of it, and I was no longer a reluctant participant of the walk but someone who felt at peace and let the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the natural glitter take her mind off of the cold of the day.

Which leaves me with my message to you:

Instead of only feeling the cold of an icy day, learn to see the sparkle in it.


You might be asking how this message pertains to weight loss, so I will make the connection for you (even though it's a very loose one).
Many of us have let ourselves go a bit over the recent holidays, and some of us will be stepping on the scales today and seeing a number we won't like. But instead of chastising ourselves for the weight gain, try and remember how much fun you had over the holidays and how much you enjoyed the treats you allowed yourselves, and keep in mind that the weight will come off again. There's nothing to let yourself get depressed over.