Thursday 2 December 2010

Bee Healthy Forum


My good friend Litia, in conjunction with her friend Valerie, just started a new weight loss forum called Bee Healthy.

It's up and running already, and people are busy posting to it and chatting about their weight loss efforts. Everyone there is really lovely and supportive. I just had to add a word here about them and suggest that, if you're still trying to lose weight, you go and visit the site. (You have to join in order to see more than just the introductions.) And if you are already at your goal weight but know what it is like to work to reach it, go and give the ladies there some inspiration.

There is another reason to go join the site if you are still on your weight loss journey. They have a weigh-in thread, and right now, they are two weeks into a 12 week weigh-in. I have offered up a prize for the person who loses the highest percentage of weight during the 12 weeks.

The prize is this Super Slimmer keepsake ornament from one of my Skinny Dreaming shops:

The terms are that you are VERY honest about your weekly weights, that you have a beginning and ending weight, that you MUST add your weight for the last week of the month, and that you must weigh-in for at least 6 of the 12 weeks.

I hope you choose to join in, and good luck!

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