Monday 25 February 2013

Excellent Exercise Option for People with Cancer (guest post)

This is a guest post by Melanie Bowen. Melanie Bowen joined the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance in 2011 as an awareness advocate for natural health and cancer cure initiatives. You will often find her highlighting the great benefits of alternative nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness. Melanie also assists in social media outreach in her efforts to spread awareness. In her spare time, you can find Melanie trying new vegan recipes, on her yoga mat, or spending time with her family.

Excellent Exercise Options for People with Cancer
Finding time to begin a consistent fitness routine may seem like a laughable subject to someone who is busy fighting for her life going through cancer treatments.  But, fitness activities may be the very thing that gives a cancer patient the edge needed in order to beat the disease and to recover at a much quicker rate.  While exercise is not known as a cure for cancer, getting physically active can provide multiple benefits to the body.  These benefits can help a person to gain a significant advantage when it comes to battling cancers such as mesothelioma and breast cancer.

Discover Effective Exercises for Cancer Patients

There are numerous resources out there to find different exercises for all different levels of skill and even energy levels for those going through treatment. Because chemotherapy takes a heavy toll on a person’s ability to feel strong physically and emotionally, there are a few exercise types that are suggested just for people going through cancer treatments. Some common and very helpful examples include aerobic exercise, strength training, and yoga.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the most highly recommended types of exercise for people undergoing cancer treatment.  Yoga is an exceptional exercise for very ill people for a variety of reasons.  This form of exercise is low impact and it can be elevated in intensity and length of time if a person begins feeling stronger after the first few weeks.  Stretching muscles, toning the body, improving oxygen levels and increasing blood circulation are just a few benefits people can expect to gain when they begin regular yoga sessions.  Each of these benefits will play a significant role in helping a person to overcome a major disease.

Get Results Through Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are another form of activity that is also available in low impact sessions.  Like yoga, the intensity level of aerobic may be increased in time as the person’s physical strength increases.  Aerobics is an ideal form of activity for a person with cancer because it provides great weight management, improved circulation and helpful strength training for the body.

No matter what exercises a patient incorporates into their routine, they will benefit both physically and mentally as long as their program is created and supervised with the consultation of a physician. Be sure to speak with your doctor as soon as possible to find ways to work appropriate physical activity into your schedule.