Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Finding The Fun In Exercising With Your Children

Last Saturday, Robert, the children and I all went for a picnic in the park. Our friend Helen came too and brought three of her four children. She also goes to Slimming World with us, so we made sure to pack healthy food for our lunch.

It was a wonderfully fun day out in the sunshine, and we found various ways to get some exercise that felt more like fun than exercise. I, for one, was walking around after the children all day trying to capture photos and video of them, so I got a lot of walking done that day. (I also got a mild sunburn, despite the sunblock I had applied before we went out.)

Here is a short video clip showing just a small amount of the many ways we found to exercise without feeling like we were exercising. Helen rolled down the hill with the kids, Kayla (one of my teenage daughters) chased after little Cameron, Robert carried Cameron on his shoulders for a bit of weight training, and Helen pushed the children on the swings. There were lots of other ways that we played with the children and managed to be exercising at the same time, but the video would have been too long if I shared them all!

What things do you do with the kids that could count as exercise?


  1. So fun! I love it.

    We play soccer in the backyard...the kids love it when we run with them. And bike rides. That's probably a family favorite! (Our little guy rides in a trailer...)

  2. And how could I forget our current favorite?

    Planting a garden! We rented a spot at the community garden...lots of hoeing and hauling. Great exercise for all of us! And -- hopefully -- yummy veggies this summer. :-)

  3. I laugh that these days for me its more WHAT DO YOU DO THAT ISNT WITH YOUR CHILD THAT IS EXERCISE which stumps me :)


  4. We play baseball in our yard, ride scooters on the driveway, and take walks together.

    Great video!

  5. We are all hula hooping a lot a t the mo. I say we. The kids are hula hooping and I am making a very poor attempt at it *g*


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