Thursday 30 September 2010

Think You Suck At Weight Loss? Think Again!

I recently had someone tell me that they "suck" at weight loss. It got me thinking.

I can relate to what they are saying, because, honestly, that used to be me. I used to suck at weight loss too. Until I didn't.

Finding Slimming World was an awesome moment for me, because it changed my life. Maybe I was just "ready" to change my life, so I found Slimming World at the right time, or maybe I wouldn't have done it without the lessons about healthy eating that I learned through my Slimming World meetings. Either way, Slimming World saved my life.

My health was going downhill very quickly, and making the changes I made, I believe, has prevented me from going to an early grave. And an early grave is exactly where I was headed if I hadn't made changes. I don't know why I didn't make those changes earlier. I don't know exactly what it was that finally made me stop and say, "I have got to make changes. I can't go on like this."

The health problems had been building for a long time, and yet, I hadn't made any changes earlier due to them. I had gone through two previous pregnancies with high blood pressure difficulties arising due to my weight, and yet, I hadn't made changes during either of them. I had lacked energy and had been tired for a very long time, but I still hadn't made changes.

I think it was the day that I walked through the doors at Slimming World that I really started to make real changes, changes that would save my life. The support I found there and the friendships I made there made it easy to stay on the plan. Each week, as I saw the weight dropping away, despite my being pregnant, I felt my resolve to complete this journey strengthening.

I guess the thing that really set me firmly on this journey was taking the first steps on it. With each new goal reached, each milestone achieved, the motivation to keep going got stronger and stronger.

So what is my advice to someone who thinks they "suck" at weight loss? Take the first step. And then take the second. And little by little, you might find out that you don't suck at it after all!


  1. You're so right - it's all about those SMALL steps.

  2. For me the absolute hardest part of weight loss is getting started...after that, the little changes add up in an amazing way.


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