Monday 8 November 2010

Writing, Going To The Ball & Other Stuff

I've been busy writing for National Novel Writing Month again, as I did last year. What that means for this blog is that my posts will be bit further between, but I will try and post here at least once a week.

This coming weekend, I will be attending Slimming World's Woman Of The Year 2010 ball with my husband. I tried on many dresses and finally chose one I found in a shop in Cirencester. I don't have it with me as it needed to be shortened for me (as dresses always do need in order to fit my short stature). It was supposed to be ready already, but I have had no call from the shop, so I will have to call them today and find out if my dress is ready yet. I am rapidly running out of time to have everything ready!

I will find out at the ball whether or not I have won the title. The competition is stiff, so I'll have to let you all know when I get home. I will, of course, share photos from the event and of me in my dress here when I return. I'll even tell you where I found my dress, and I cannot wait for you to see how amazing Robert looks in his suit.

We have recently received word that we may be moving, at long last, into a house that will fit our large family. We have been renting our current house for over eight years now, and it has not been large enough for our family ever since my 5th daughter was born. If things go as planned, we will be moving into a newly-built house by this January. We will still be renting, but the rent will be a lot less than the rent we are paying. The house has under-floor heating, so I won't have to worry about the room taken up by radiators, and it also has solar panels. We have been told that the solar panels actually will provide about 90% of our energy needs, so out utility bills should go down as well.

The one draback to the place, and it's a big one, is that it is in another part of town than we currently live in. We will be moving away from our children's schools and from our friends. We will be moving away from our neighbors, and we actually like our current neighbors. We will also be a lot further from our Slimming World meetings, so it will be a challenge to make it to the same one, and I don't want to change meetings. My Slimming World group members are like family!

I am currently attending two Slimming World meetings a week. I go to one for my weigh-in and another one just for the company. One of my good friends changed which meeting she goes to, and I won't get to see much of her if I don't go along. Besides, I usually walk in that direction in the morning anyway as part of my daily exercise, so I am not doing any more than I normally would. And maybe, by attending this much-larger group meeting, I can be of some help to others who are still trying to lose weight.

I think that is one of the most rewarding aspects of having lost so much wieght - being able to inspire and help others to do the same. I was inspired to try and lose the weight by two people I knew who had lost huge amounts of weight. Seeing them do it let me know that maybe I could do it too. It is a great feeling to know that my own weight loss might inspire someone else to lose their excess weight as well.


  1. Obviously I have no idea about the town you live in, or how far you'll be, but maybe with the rent you're saving you can get a bike to get you to your meetings? :)


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