Wednesday 29 December 2010

Interview With BBC Wiltshire Radio With Shaun Hodgetts

BBC Wiltshire radio interview 29 Dec 2010

Robert and I were interviewed this morning on BBC Radio Wiltshire. They are doing a series on goals and resolutions in the new year and wanted to talk to us because of our weight loss.

Robert took a photo of me with Shaun Hodgetts (who was our interviewer), and you can hear the interview by clicking on the link below and fast-forwarding to 1:47 on the time of the recording. It will only be available to listen to for a limited time. (I think they only keep them available for a week.)

Click here to listen to our interview.

After the interview, we had to get home and get the family ready as we went into London for a family photo shoot which might appear in some magazines and newspapers sometime in the future.

It's been an exciting few days!

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