Wednesday, 13 July 2011

11 Weight Loss Tips

I have posted tips for weight loss before, so I may be repeating things I have said before, but this is just off the top of my head (in answer to someone who asked me for some tips). I thought, since I was typing up some quick tips anyway, I would add them here too.

1 - Limit your breads and cereals.

2 - Switch to whole grain breads, pastas, rices and such.

3 - Make sure your meats are lean. If frying, "dry fry" using Fry Light or some other low-calorie oil spray.

4 - Eat lots and lots and lots of fruit and vegetables throughout the day and with meals. Make sure that you dinner plate is 1/3 full of vegetables with each meal.

5 - Snack on things like fat-free yogurt, eggs, and fruit salad.

6 - Limit your "treats" to somewhere between 200 and 300 calories a day.

7 - Find time to exercise. Maybe it's walking while your baby is being pushed in the stroller, or maybe it's working out to an exercise video when your child naps or after your partner gets home - but find the time.

8 - Avoid high sugar drinks such as soda (diet is okay) and fruit juice.

9 - Most of your recipes that call for sugar can have the amount of sugar cut by 1/3 without affecting the taste.

10 - Replace sugar with sweetener when possible.

11 - Don't give up! You can do it! Just believe in yourself!

And, for an extra tip - You could always join Slimming World like I did.


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips Becky. I now see where my problems are and can now work on correcting them:)

  2. Great list, however, I think #11 should have been #1.

    As with all things these days, a lot of people expect immediate results and if they don't see them they give up.

    Sarah Weeks
    Weight losing tips

  3. Nice list, number 8 has helped me cut many calories, actually maybe a couple added items could be to drink more water and eat higher fiber foods. This has helped me have more snacking calories and feel full longer:) Best wishes on your journey.

    Diet Tracker


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