Friday, 22 May 2009

You Owe It To Your Loved Ones To Get Yourself Fit!

I'm tired of seeing parents who can't be bothered to get fit. These people have children who need and depend on them, yet they still complain that dieting is too hard, they don't want to give up their favorite foods, and they can't find the time to exercise.

Now, before one of these parents who can't be bothered gets up in arms about my saying this, I will state that I was one of those parents! I gained a bit more weight with each child and became so completely obese that it was a struggle to get off of my fat ass and do anything. Even worse, I have seven children who depend on me. And I like to think that my husband needs me too.

Yes, exercise is hard work. And resisting the opportunities to binge on sweets and junk food can be challenging. Losing weight and getting fit is definitely not easy! But it is worth it. I am doing this for myself, but I am also doing this for my family. Remaining fat and not doing anything about my deteriorating weight would just be selfish of me.

My kids did not choose to have me as their mom. They're stuck with me. I did, however, choose to have kids. So I owe it to them to make sure that I have energy to be an active parent for them and to keep myself healthy enough to stick around and be in their lives for a very long time.

And for older parents who's kids are grown, don't kid yourself into thinking that this doesn't apply to you. If you love your children, then remember this: There is never a time when your kids stop needing you to be there for them!

If you have anyone in your life who loves you, whether it's a brother, sister, spouse, child, parent, grandparent or a really close friend, you owe it to them to take care of yourself. So stop making excuses and do whatever it takes to make yourself as healthy as you can be.


  1. LOVE THIS POST! I too used to be one of those parents - I'm now down 90 lbs with just 40 more to go. I'll definitely be back to read more of your blog!


    late to this one but it is, in a way, why I stopped personal training.

    it was all so clear to me that we owe it to our loved ones to even just TRY.

    and too many times I CARED more than my clients about their sticking around for the ones who loved them.


  3. Amen! And one day those kids will pay the price! I could write a whole post on this!

  4. Great post! I hope lots of parents read this and take it to heart.

  5. this is awesome! a real eye opener!!!!

  6. Amen! I walk every day and try to eat the proper diet. I also encourage my family to do the same.


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