Tuesday, 10 November 2009

When Weight Loss Slows

I lost another pound at my last weight loss. I'd have liked to have lost two, but one works for me.

I keep saying that my weight loss has slowed down because I'm lighter now and closer to my goal. But, although that does have an effect on my weight loss, it's not the only reason.

My friend Helen and I were recently talking about this. She only has three pounds to lose left until she reaches her goal weight. And she's been at around that point for a couple of months now. The way she explained it was that, now that she's so close to her goal, it's not as important or as urgent to lose weight. She feels like she can "play" a bit. She's only 3 pounds above her ideal weight, so I can understand that. If she'd already reached "target" at Slimming World and then gone up three pounds to where she is now, she would still be considered at target.

And I think a little bit of that is creeping in with my weight loss too. When I had over 100 pounds to lose, it was obvious to anyone looking at me that I needed to lose weight, and my health was being affected by my weight, so I knew that it was really important that I get myself fitter and healthier as soon as possible.

But now I'm just 17 pounds from my ideal weight. And I feel like a normal person. I feel healthy. I feel fit. And I don't feel like people are looking at me and judging me because of my weight anymore. So I'm not trying as hard to get those last pounds off.

I nibble at things. Sharon, our Slimming World consultant, was talking a little about this last night. Those "syns" (or calories if that is what you keep tabs on) really creep up when you aren't counting the little things.

When I make my daughter a peanut butter and honey sandwich, I always get a bit on my fingers, and I always lick my fingers when I am done before washing my hands. I don't count the syns or the calories from that. I don't measure my food as often as I was doing. So what if my portion of cereal in the morning is actually slightly higher than the amount I am counting? Or maybe I am giving myself a bigger portion of grated cheese with my lunch because I'm just eyeing the amount instead of weighing it. I may be adding syns (calories) without realizing it (and I probably am) and I'm not writing those extra calories/syns down in my food journal. It's little things that add up without us even realizing it, and those little things can sabotage our weight loss efforts.

So this week, I'm going to be very careful about measuring and weighing my portions, make more healthy choices in my food, do no indescriminate nibbling, and keep my syns (or treats as some of you would call them) in check.

And I'll let the scale at the end of the week tell me whether I've done a good job.

No more complacency. I will reach my goal weight by my birthday on February 27th.


  1. ooohhhh.... i agree with you!

    now that i feel like i am at a more normal weight, it is very easy to be complacent.

    great for maintaining not for losing!

  2. I'll be rooting for you!

    How's your book coming?

    I'm not registered on the NaNo site. Just scribbling on my own. But you are welcome to my word count if it is helpful in some way.

    Off to get some done now :)

  3. Im with larkspur and scribbling on my own and loving it.
    and ADMIRING how you seem to be juggling NaNoWriMo and weight loss and working out and....

    let the count down to your birthday commence!


  4. You are so right - all those little extras that you don't account for can add up so quickly. You can do it!!!

  5. Great post! And I totally agree..

    Just one more bite here and one more lick there and the next thing you know, you have gained a few lbs back. Not a big deal if you can get the reigns on it.

    I need to stop and take stock of my little extras as I have been slowly climbing a little at a time again.

  6. I hear you on this! I have less than 5 pounds left, and was slacking for a while, just maintaining. Now I'm back to losing, though I'm probably just going to reset my goals lower once I get there, as I'm still plenty chubby.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of weight lost! I'm currently 4.5 pounds until I'm no longer "overweight", though realistically 15 would be ideal. I've never lost more than a pound/week through the whole journey, but it's been very slow lately. I've just reined in my eating just a bit, as it can slide if I'm not careful, and it's dropping again. I'm not the weighing or measuring type, but I start eating more "conveniently", and just maintain, don't lose. It's kind of exciting the way every pound is noticeable at this point, and I hope my muscles start showing soon. But you're right, it's not as urgent at this point.

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