Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Six Pounds Left

I lost one and a half pounds this week, so I have only six pounds left until I reach my goal weight. A part of me is thrilled that I am almost there, and a part of me is worried that it is going to be a real battle to lose these last six pounds.

There's another part of me that says to forget what the charts say a healthy BMI is and stick with the weight I'm at. Yes, there is still some extra chub left for me to lose around my belly area. But overall, I am looking pretty slender and fit now, and I feel healthier and stronger than I have in years.

I only have four pounds left to lose to reach a healthy BMI for my height according to the charts. The reason for the extra two pounds that I want to lose is just to give me some wiggle room for my weight to fluctuate and still stay in a healthy BMI.

But charts can be wrong. And then again, I know what weight I am comfortable at, and I am not quite there yet.

So I will keep plugging along, keeping myself fit and eating to lose weight until I can change to eating to maintain.

I am trying really hard NOT to focus on the numbers and just to focus on how healthy I feel, how strong I feel and how differently my clothes fit now.


  1. Hey, cheering for you! That's wonderful news!

    I think you are wise to take your time and not be too numbers focused.

    Gratz on your achievement!

  2. I'm with you on the belly chub.

    I technically have 6lbs left too but I'm not happy with how my stomach looks yet and thats making me push for a possible additional 10 lbs to hopefully minimize the stomach some more.

    so glad the scale is finally move for you again though! that plateau was killer!

  3. Glad you are feeling healthier and stronger - that's what counts! Good luck on the last few pounds - you can do it!


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