Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm In Today's Paper!

The article about me and my weight loss was in today's paper! It was funny because I had forgotten to ask when it would run in the paper and only foound out it was in the paper today when people kept coming up to me (while I was taking the kids to school) and telling me they had seen me in today's paper.

I found where the paper kept the photos on-line.

This is the one they used (without the background) for the article.

Here are some of the others.


  1. That is just amazing! Congrats :) Now you will be the talk of the town for months!

  2. Thanks steve, Carla & Pamela! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, congratulations on all of your success. I saw the picture of you doing the step routine with your little one in your arms, and felt so motivated by that! I think it is wonderful that all of your hard work is paying off...most importantly, with better health, but the recognition must feel pretty nice too.All the best!


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