Tuesday, 24 March 2009

"Where Do you Find The Motivation?"

Lynn from The Hungry Little Caterpillar has a terrific post that puts into words what I've been trying to say about motivation.

Motivation Schmotivation

Seriously, don't wait for motivation. It's over-rated. If you wait for motivation to give you the kick in the pants you need, chances are you'll still be fat when this time next year rolls around. Just go and DO IT! Eat healthy. Exercise. Of course you won't feel like doing it. So what? You have a goal, so start working on it!


  1. Thanks for linking to that~and I'll tell you what I told her: OUCH! I needed that.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Everyone needs to hear this. And it is so true. I've been waiting for my motivation for WAY too long now. LOL

  3. Thanks for linking to me! I just spend time being frustrated recently when people tell me I'm all inspiring to them. I don't want to be inspiring. Don't look to me for motivation! Find it in YOU to do what you need... And there are going to be days, weeks... god, sometimes even months when really, you don't want to do this. but it's like brushing your teeth. You do it because it needs to be done!

    I wish you all the good thoughts on your journey!!

    Lynn is so right.
    its the same as having kids---there's never a good time :) just do it.


  5. Lol, Miz your comment made me laugh :) I'll try that one with my husband!

    But really, I fully agree. I don't have motivation to clean my house or brush my teeth or do the bills but I do it because I have to and it's for my own good. Most of the time, it's the same with exercise!

  6. BRILLIANT!!! I needed it. Thanks :)

  7. Very, very true. I needed that kick in the behind this morning ^_^


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