Monday, 23 March 2009

I'm Still Here!

I have neglected this blog in this past week. I am so sorry!

I've been busy adding recipes to my healthy recipe blog. I have added No Bake Mini Lemon, Lime & Ginger Cream Pie Desserts and No Bake Mini Orange Chocolate Cream Pie Desserts to the list of recipes you can find there.

I still have a long list of recipes my husband and I have made to add, such as Mexican Egg Burrito, Apple Wrap Dessert, Bombay Spinach Potatoes, Vindaloo Potato Wedges, Beef Madras, Bacon Deviled Eggs & many more. I don't add the recipes until I get a picture of the resulting dish. It's the photographing that takes up the most time. (I usually forget to take a photo the first time we try a recipe.)

Then, of course, I try and list the nutritional information for each dish. There must not be a law in the UK requiring companies to list nutritional information on the packaging of the food they produce, because I am coming across a lot of food that doesn't have it listed and am then having to research it myself.

So that's why I haven't updated here recently.

I am hoping to lose another 1.5 pounds (minimum) this week, as it would get me to my next mini goal. I think I've lost some weight this week, but I don't know how much (or how little).

Robert and I took the kids to a beautiful park for a picnic last Saturday and wound up doing a lot of walking, which should have been good for us. My weigh-in is tonight, so I will find out if I've lost what I wanted later.

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  1. I'm so excited that you're posting your healthy recipes! Let me know if you want to share one at FFTV - I feature a healthy recipe every week and would love to have one of yours...


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