Monday 16 March 2009

Here We Go Again

Tonight is my weekly weigh-in.

I was sick for part of the week and ate a couple hunded more calories than usual while exercising less, but made up for it by working out a couple hours a day for the rest of the week while going back to eating right. I have no idea what the scale will say, and as usual, I am nervous.

I hate the idea of going another week maintaining. Two weeks in a row would start to feel like a plateau for me, and I am always trying to change things up to avoid a plateau. Plateaus are bad for my motivation.

I may have lost weight this week despite being sick for part of it. I hope so!

On a positive note, a friend of mine shipped me some Crystal Light powders! I was such a terrific thing for her to do, and now I stand a better chance of drinking the right amount of water this week! (I have a dificult time getting myself to drink plain water, and I haven't found anything in the UK that I like flavoring it with. I really miss all of the healthy choices that were available when grocery shopping in California.)

I made my Bean Soup for dinner tonight. I made it in the crock pot as usual, and the whole house is filled with the yummy smell of it!


  1. I'm glad your feeling better! I hope the WI went well. Just remember that it's a new week, plenty of time to start fresh!

  2. Hello from SITtas. I hope you feel better. Plateaus are the worse. Just keep on trucking along.



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