Thursday 12 March 2009

Sick & Giving Myself A Pass

I've been really sick with an awful cold that is, apparently, making its way all around the world. Fever, coughing, sneezing, dry throat, flemmy throat, stuffed up nose, headache, muscle aches and more are all part and parcel of this particular cold.

With the exception of going on an hour-long walk with my husband and the dog both days, I did not exercise for the past two days. I did not get on the elliptical crosstrainer, and I did not use the Wii Fit. That was okay for Tuesday as it was my planned day off from exercise, but yesterday I had planned on fitting in at least one of the exercises.

I woke up today feeling annoyed with myself for not exercising yesterday. I was also annoyed that I consumed more calories than usual for the past two days. (I still consumed less than 1,600 and 1,700 calories for those days, but my calories are usually closer to 1,300 per day.) This cold seems to be having the effect of making me want to eat more. I am feeling hungrier, and I am craving comfort food.

Today, I started to exercise on the Wii Fit, but the batteries in the board are going, so I only managed 30 minutes. It didn't feel like much of a workout, so I also spent 62 minutes on the elliptical crosstrainer.

I feel good for having exercised despite this cold that is making me miserable today, but I have come to a conclusion about this whole situation. Instead of feeling annoyed with myself, I am giving myself a pass. I'm only human, and maybe when I'm sick my body needs a little more comfort and less exertion to help it recover.

I might not lose any weight this week. I might even gain. That's okay. I'm human. And next week, I'll be feeling better and back to losing weight again.

And along with this attitude, I am scaling back my workouts. Three hours a day is a bit much. It takes away from other areas in my life, so I am going to alternate days when I spend an hour on the Wii Fit and days when I spend an hour on the elliptical crosstrainer. And I will continue to spend an hour walking our dog in the evening.

I'm thinking of using Tuesdays and Thursdays to only do 30 minutes of aerobic (not counting the dog walking) and then do 30 minutes of weight training. Any suggestions of some good exercises for toning my stomach (lower belly, especially) and toning up the loos skin underneath my upper arms?


  1. I think this is a really healthy attitude. To scale back a bit. You have lost so much and are so good at losing weight. It is also important to have time to enjoy life :). I say don't worry about it too if you are sick. We are all human, like you said. And if you are sick then you do need more calories and LOTS of rest or you will be sick much longer. Anyhow, i did a lot of blabbering, lol. But I think you are doing fantastic! Feel good about yourself because you are doing so great!!!!!

  2. If you figure out what to do with underarm flab, let me know. I've been lifting weights and really don't feel like I've made a dent in it. I figure I'll just tan it.

  3. ok, Healthy Attitude McGee :)
    how was the weekend?

    are you still thinking youll scale back? GOOD PLAN IMO.

  4. We have been sick here, too, and it has totally knocked me off my schedule. I think of you often and how you are Superwoman~LOL~as with pregnancy my workouts have been sporadic, and my eating all over the place. OH the fatigue~that's just complaining, isn't it? Anyway, you continue to be an inspirtion in how dedicated you are and how you've pushed through it all!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    P.S. Please tell me about loose skin. That scares me to death! YUCK!


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