Friday 6 March 2009

Ahead Of Schedule

Yesterday, I only got 2 hours of exercise. I managed to do an hour on the elliptical crosstrainer, and I was able to fit in the hour walking the dog. But I didn't manage to spend my usual hour on the Wii Fit. That's what occasionally happens when I leave it until late; I find out that I just don't have time for it. And I hate missing out on any exercise!

So today, I made sure to exercise on the Wii Fit early in the morning. I'm up early with the kids anyway, and they join me when I exercise on it, so I don't have to worry about what they're up to while I workout. Then during their nap time, I spent 63 minutes on the elliptical crosstrainer. Later tonight, my husband and I will take the dog for his nightly hour-long walk.

Now maybe I'll have a little time to try out some strength training exercises. Strength training is one thing that is sorely missing from my workout schedule, and I really need it if I intend to keep all of this weight off.


  1. Oh wow, I'm proud of myself when I get an *hour* in a day! Major props to you!


    p.s. Congrats on the Loss this week!

  2. WOW! even 2 hours is impressive. Do you routinely fit in 3 hours a day?

  3. Fantastic! Have a nice weekend! :)

  4. I love the "only" 2 hrs. I'm super happy when I get 20 minutes.

  5. whoa. thats a TON. dont do more than 2 a day in my opinion as it's so important to both REST and set yourself up on a routine you can do for LIFE.

  6. I agree with Miz - be careful not to overdo it, okay? But congrats on being ahead of schedule!!

  7. Wow - that's a lot of exercise!

    I am happy with 45 to 60 minutes!


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