Tuesday 7 April 2009

Do Something Different! (and a Give-Away)

I've read many studies that show that it is helpful to weight loss to change the way you workout. Doing the same thing all of the time means your body gets used to it and stops burning calories as efficiently during that activity.

I am guilty of always doing the same thing. I get into a routine and find it very difficult to change it. I suspect a lot of people have this problem.

So this week, I am making a challenge to you. Do something different. For just two exercise sessions this week, do something that you don't normally do.

For example, this week, I am going to do some in-line skating. Something I have not done in many years.

Now for the give-away:

Do Something Different Tee

The prize: A value tee from my shop that says, "Do Something Different!"

Share in my comments what you plan on doing. Then come back after you've done it and
share in my comments again how it felt to do. You have until April 14th, 2009 to enter. A random number generator will pick the winner on April 15th.

Not limited to just the US. Anyone can participate.

Extra entry: You may get one extra entry by linking me to or e-mailing me a picture of you doing the activity. (Pictures may be used in a future blog post.)


  1. Very guilty of doing the same thing, but I figure even if I'm doing the same thing, it's better than the alternative of doing nothing. Will be trying to get back into a walking routine now that Spring is on its way.

  2. I'm in the U.S., but I still wanted to answer the question, just for fun. After al, that's a great challenge!
    I like to do exercise dvd and walk mostly, but I think I might amp it up and play basket ball and soccer!

  3. I, too, am guilty of this. Tomorrow I am going to be adding some arm exercises to my routine. Can't hurt. . .with swimsuit season just around the corner!

  4. I'm sooo guilty of that. I'm a fencer and cyclist - now I'm training from a run and I'm horrible! Horrible! My legs are useless on a treadmill and my weightlifting is a joke lol.

  5. Hey Becky, I started doing something different today before I read your blog and post at moa. My sister advised I do interval training and that's what I've started this week in the morning, I'll probably do it every second day for starters for 10 minutes because that's all Olivia will let me do haha. Today she spent that time trying to put magnets on my legs LOL.

  6. I've been a big slacker in the exercise department lately! For me to do something different, it would be to simply EXERCISE! Which, I swear, I will :)

  7. I am going to start water aerobics. I have wanted to go and have kept making excuses but this week I will start and try to go atleast twice a week.(misscrazO)

  8. I am a constant change-it-up-kind-of a-guy! I like to keep it interesting. One thing I don't do is swim! Maybe I will give that a shot if I can get past the creepy breathing thing! :)

  9. hmmmm Im SO GUILTY of being in a workout and food rut.
    TONIGHT IM GRILLING FRESH FISH and walking when I could drive (friends house. playdate)

  10. This week, I am going to the gym with my S.O.'s Sister-in-law and doing the Kickboxing class with her! Wooo! I love doing new things, although I also tend to fall into the "just get on the treadmill and slog for half an hour" routine pitfall.


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