Tuesday 21 April 2009

Yesterday's Weigh-in & My New Mini-Goal

I lost a pound this week and Robert lost half a pound. I've now lost 90.5 pounds.

On May 12th, I will have been on this weight-loss journey for a year. I'd like to reach 100 pounds lost by then. It will not be easy, because my body seems to be quite happy to be losing lately at the rate of a pound a week. But it can't hurt to try, so I'm going for it. I have three weeks to lose 9.5 pounds.


  1. Wow! Congrats on the loss this week... and on the absolutely awesome total loss of 90 pounds! That is absolutely fantastic, girl! What an inspiration you are! :)

  2. WOW. That's a lot of weight! Keep it up; you are so close to that 100 lb goal! :)

    I'm excited to read more of your blog!

  3. 9 pounds is a lot to lose in 3 weeks - don't push yourself, okay? Congrats on losing 90.5 - that's awesome!

  4. your loss is SO AWE INSPIRING!

    (when am I getting a guest post all about it? :))


  5. That is fantastic! Awesome! Keep it up!

  6. this is an amazing healthy loss. I am so glad you took your time to lose a lot of weight you will keep this off forever. 3 weeks 9 lbs you can do it :)


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