Thursday 19 February 2009

Back On The Elliptical Crosstrainer

I must admit, on the day my sweet kitty Caspian died, I did not use the elliptical crosstrainer. I didn't use the Wii Fit either. I did, however, still go for the hour-long walk with my husband and our dog. We spent the walk reminiscing about all the good memories that involved Caspian and all the times he had made us laugh.

Yesterday, I did a lot of exercise though. I spent an hour on the elliptical crosstrainer (10.2 miles). I spent an hour and two minutes on the Wii Fit doing aerobics with 15 minutes of that time using hand-weights. And I still went with my husband to walk the dog, walking for an hour.

I doubt I'll be able to fit three hours of exercise in every day, but my kids are all off of school this week. Having the teenagers home makes it a little easier for me to fit extra exercise time in. And now that I am under 200 pounds, I intend to put some distance between me and the 200 pound mark.

Because talking about the funny or cute things Caspian did turned out to be really cathartic, I started a new blog to continue to do this. The Kitty's Corner

There's nothing in it yet, but there will be later today. Please send me stories and pictures about your beloved cats, whether they have passed on or are still around, and I will include them in the blog. You can ask for a link back to your site and let me know what name you want credited for the story. With permission, I would like to include the best stories in a book compilation. (Note: You must be the copyright holder of the stories and photos.) You can send other things too. For example, my husband drew a couple of comics based on our cat that I will post there. And a friend of mine painted a beautiful portrait of her cat that I'd love to share there.


  1. thats a great idea about the other blog (types the dog lover :))

    good job on the elliptical and now you have me wondering:

    your husband is an artist??

  2. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your weight loss journey! I have 100 pounds to lose, and I lost FIFTEEN POUNDS the month of January. Well, now I've found out we're on the grow with blessing #5! It is very exciting, ESPECIALLY when I realize that I can keep going with the goals that I have made (and that have finally clicked) in health. You are an inspiration! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~OH! and your fam is GAWGEOUS!!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I'm glad I could help! :)


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