Tuesday 17 February 2009


I went to my Slimming World meeting yesterday for my official weekly weigh-in. I lost another 1.5 pounds! That makes my weight 199 pounds! I have now officially reached Onederland! Woohoo!!!!!!

Starting weight: 272.5 pounds
Weight this week: 199 pounds
Total lost to date: 73.5 pounds

It feels GREAT!!!

I still have 64 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight, but I am really confident that I will reach it.

My husband Robert lost 2 pounds. After having several weeks of small gains, he was really happy to see the scale go down. We are both planning to jump start our losses into a slightly higher amount this week IF our new elliptical crosstrainer arrives. The replacement for our last one was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but it never arrived. We are hoping it gets delivered today.


  1. congratulations! That is a great achievement! New exercise machines are always enjoyable (well, at least for the first few weeks lol).

  2. It's only new in that the actual machoie being brought to us is new. It's our fourth elliptical machine. The first one literally broke within 6 weeks (the wheel baring fell apart), and the replacement for it did the same thing after only a week and a half. So we upgraded to a "better" one. That one lasted almost 4 months, but then the electrics on it died. They are replacing it with the same model, and we are hoping that this one will survive our daily use of it.

  3. Wish I could edit my previous comment. Noticed a glaring typo in it!


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