Tuesday 1 September 2009

Weight Gain

I had my weigh-in yestreday, and my official weight gain is 5.5 pounds for the week. I'm okay with that, because 5 pounds is actually what I expected. This week's weight gain was PLANNED. (I'm also okay with it because the scale was showing a FIFTEEN POUND weight gain last Friday. Thank goodness a lot of it was just water weight!)

Now, my body should be completely out of starvation mode, and I am going to have to make sure that I don't over-exercise and that I eat plenty of good, healthy food from now on. I lost my weight in a healthy manner all the way up until about a month ago, and I want to go back to doing this the right way.

The idea is to be healthy and strong, not just slimmer.

Robert's body wasn't in starvation mode like mine was, but he used the past week to splurge a bit with his eating and put on 8.5 pounds. He's not overly worried about it though as he takes weight off quite quickly and easily when he wants to. He's decided to try and get at least half of it off by the next weigh-in.


  1. LOVE it.
    all of it as HEALTHY AND STRONG will serve you a lifetime.

    skinny & small and frail? notsomuch.


  2. I agree with the healthy and strong. I started out only and specifically to lose weight but, along my journey, healthy and strong has become my priority with the weight loss as the bonus.

  3. Good for you! "Stay on target!" as Red Leader advised Luke in Star Wars!


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