Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Okay, this is the first time I've had a gain that nearly put me into tears. Mainly because I wasn't expecting it. My Wii Fit, up until three weigh-ins ago, always weighed me pretty close to spot on with the scales at my Slimming World meeting. So I always knew ahead of time what the scales would say once I went for my weigh-in.

Then three weigh-ins ago, the scales at the meeting started weighing me lower than my Wii Fit was weighing me. Well, I had no problem with being weighed lower, and since the second time it did it again in the same amount difference, I was able to still look at how much the Wii Fit had said I lost from my Wii Fit weigh-in the week before to see how much I had lost on the Slimming World scales.

Well, this week, it seems the Wii Fit and the Slimming World scales have synced back up again. When I stepped on the Wii Fit, it showed that I had lost half a pound. Considering that I had just started my period (a week EARLY), I was pleased to see this, because lately, starting my period usually means a gain on the scales for me.

But when I weighed in at Slimming World, the scale said the exact same weight as the Wii Fit, which meant a TWO POUND GAIN for me. I literally felt tears pricking at my eyes. I was THAT disappointed!

But I've decided not to let it get me down. I'm still eating healthily. I'm still getting a healthy amount of exercise in each day. I'm happy with my progress so far.

And it's not like this week has been easy. On top of my period starting, I've had some very sick young children to deal with and very little sleep. I have learned in the past that when I'm not getting enough sleep, my body retains more water. I don't know why this is, just that it is.

And, for the month of September, I still finished at the end down 3 pounds from the beginning, despite having my period TWICE. And today starts a new week and a new month of weigh-ins. And this month, I should only have my period once instead of twice (hopefully), so I am going to plan for at least 5 pounds off by the end of October.

Five pounds is a reasonable goal that will not push me into extreme behavior.

Besides, I've been noticing other signs that I'm losing. In just this one week, despite my weight going up two pounds, my shirts have become looser on me. And I'm still down a total of 114 pounds overall, which is still really good progress! A little temporary water retention can't take that away from me.

So what do you do to stay positive when your weight loss or fitness goals hit a roadblock, however temporary it may be?


  1. In the framework of 114 pounds, 2 pounds is not a big deal. I know it's discouraging but it really does sound like a water balance thing. I hope next week is more in line with your hard work.

  2. when I hit plateaus (and the scale was not moving and neither were the way my clothes were fitting) I tended to change things around and do less (eating) and more (working out).

    DONT BE ME :)

    stick to what youre doing are you are on the right path and the scale will show it soon....

  3. Miz - I used to deal with it that way too, and as a result losing weight became a huge amount of WORK with very small to no losses for my effort. I'm determined to do this RIGHT, so I'm taking the rest of my weight loss slow and steady.

  4. Staying positive during a gain is not nearly as hard as staying positive when you gained and expected a loss. That is tough. You just gotta look ahead. The thing is, we aren't doing this for the results we will have this week, we are doing it for a healthy and fit life. If that is truly our goal, then we just continue doing what is right and the results will come.

  5. Don't let those two pounds get you down! My weight fluctuates 5 pounds on a regular basis, depending on how much water I am retaining. Slow and steady is smart. Think of how far you have come and be proud. :)


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