Saturday 20 July 2013

Day Two Sugar Free #1wksugarfree

Today has gone well. I ate a lot of healthy food and had nothing processed or full of sugar. I am still having cravings, but I am fighting them off, in part, because I know I have to report in here and I refuse to disappoint you all. If I gave in to the cravings, I'd be disappointing myself too. It's not worth it. 

This morning, I weighed in with a loss since yesterday of 3.4 lbs! I know that it is probably water-weight brought on by my not eating bread, but it still was nice to see on the scale. I forgot to take my waist measurement (again), so I will have to do so tonight and let you know the difference in it, if there is any, at the end of my week. (Of course, it will only be the difference after 5 days by then, since I keep forgetting to take the measurement.)

I hope you are all doing well with your sugar-free days so far, if you have already started. I'd love to hear in the comments how you are finding the challenge on this second day.

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