Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sugar Free Day Three #1wksugarfree

So another day has passed. I resisted the chocolate covered ice cream popsicles in the refrigerator.  I avoided the sugary fruit gummy sweets that my daughter still has sitting in a bag on the counter in my kitchen. I filled myself up on meat and eggs, yogurt and a bit of cheese.

The cravings are still getting to me, but I found it slightly easier today, possibly because I ate a couple of bananas and a nectarine, which helped to satisfy my sugar cravings but in a natural way. (Normally, I avoid bananas, but today, it was either eat the bananas or give in to my cravings. I chose not to give in.)

The good news is that my weight went down some more. I stepped on the scale this morning to find I had dropped another 1.4lbs, making my total loss so far 4.8lbs. And that was after only two days sugar-free (and bread free).

I made a delicious crust-less quiche today, full of vegetables and the whole family enjoyed it (although my younger kids picked the vegetables out of it. *sigh*)

Yesterday, my eldest daughter told me that she and her husband are starting the challenge on Monday. They are going to go sugar-free and bread-free for the week.

I finally remembered to take my waist measurements this morning, so hopefully I will have some news about it when the week is over. I even measured my belly fat area, since that's the area that is the worst to carry around extra fat health-wise, and I have read that it is the place where most sugar-caused weight goes.

So, three days down successfully. Four to go!

How are you doing so far? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Day 3 is so far so good. But my son wants to celebrate his birthday today, since his sister will be away at camp all week, so that means I either break my streak or just look longingly at the cake as I make it. At least we're very familiar with diet decisions here, so he won't have his feelings hurt if I don't eat it.


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