Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wii Fit

We broke it already. Either that or the special battery that came with it has already gone dead. My 6 year old was on it when it suddenly had a disconnect from the board and told us to hit the power button on the board. We did, but nothing happened. The light doesn't even flash. We've only been using the board since about 4 days ago!

The hula hoop game on it is hilarious to watch others do, but when you do it yourself, you find that it is a really good workout! The jogging was a bit boring though. I tried a lot of the aerobic games on it yesterday and one of the weight training games. Some of the balance games are fun too, but I am really not very balanced.

I am going to recharge the batteries and stick some of our cheaper batteries in it to see if it's the batteries that are the problem.

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