Wednesday 10 December 2008

Will It Be Another Good Week?

With a new baby, lack of sleep and two of my kids down with chicken pox (again, but that's another story which can be found in my personal blog at ), I can feel the stress making me want to munch. The urge to snack, and not just on anything but on high carbohydrate, sugary things is really strong right now. I should technically still have some of the weight left on from pregnancy-related gain still coming off of me right now, but will it be enough if I succumb?

I'll just have to make sure I don't give in to my attack of the munchies so that I won't have to find out.

I'd love to lose another 7 - 10 pounds by New Year's and that doesn't leave me much time!


  1. I am finally catching up on all of your blogs since the baby. You are doing AMAZING!!! Way to go :)

    You need to be a little less hard on yourself :) You are doing so well and are so strong. We're hear for you if you need a little support!!

  2. 2 of my kids got chicken pox last year. It was horrible. Alyssa had them in her mouth, down her throat, on her eyelids. Man... it was so bad. It's always hard to keep on track when things are stressful at home. You're doing a really good job!

  3. I just went and looked at your other blog.. what a beautiful baby!! ALl your kids are sweet. And wow, you had an amazing loss last week!

    Thank you for being so supportive on my blog. I so appreciate it!! You're a very kind person.


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