Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Up Half A Pound

At yesterday's weigh-in, I gained half a pound. I wasn't surprised though. I was relieved it wasn't more. I spent the week not getting any exercise and eating about 100 to 200 more calories a day than what I've been eating to lose weight. It could have been worse.

Robert gained a pound and a half, and, after last week's two pound gain, he is now out of his "target" range and will have to pay for the meeting next week. He wants to revise his target for even lower now.

So we are both devoted to getting in more exercise this week and eating better. I don't see Christmas dinner as being much of a problem. The Slimming World plan allows us meat and potatoes, and we can use our "syns" allowance for things like stuffing and bread rolls. Or use it on dessert.

For the Slimming World meeting, it was another day to bring food in for everyone to try. I will share the recipes of what we made later. I made Lemon Fairy Cakes. Robert made grapes dipped in dark chocolate, Winter Bites (a recipe of his own concoction) and Breakfast Eggs (another one he created).

It was all really yummy.

For Slimming World members, the Breakfast Eggs and Winter Bites are "free" on Original and Green (when using the bacon in the Breakfast Eggs as a healthy extra), the chocolate dipped grapes are 1 syn each and the Fairy Cakes are 5 syns.

Someone there made Bombay Potatoes and they were really tastey too.

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  1. Hey now, 1/2 a lb over the holiday is pretty daggone good! I gained 3 over thanksgiving! UGH! You are so devoted - won't be an issue at all :)

    Happy holidays!


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