Monday, 15 December 2008

In A Funk

I'm in a funk. I thought I had this motivation thing all sussed out and would never fall into this kind of situation, but here I am. I have only exercised on the elliptical machine once this week (although I've gone with my husband to walk the dog in the evening several nights). I went over my daily calorie allowance twice this week, and for most of the week my calories hovered at the high end of what I allow myself.

I've had to fight cravings that have been hitting me in waves. Maybe it's because I'm nursing the baby. Maybe it's because I'm not getting any sleep. I don't know why the cravings have been so bad lately or why I have not felt motivated to exercise.

I weigh-in later tonight. I have no idea if I will go up or down on the scale. I am hoping, of course, that my weight will go down. But I have not put in the effort to make it so this week. So I optimistically hope that nursing will do for me this time what it has never done before and suddenly the weight will just "melt off" as so many of my friends have claimed it does for them when they nurse. Or I find myself hoping that the water-weight and other stuff from the pregnancy has not finished falling off of me and I will see a bit more of it come off this week. Or maybe I'll just be lucky.

I have not consumed enough calories to gain weight this week, but my body doesn't always follow the rules. So I will just have to wait and see.

I am so close to onederland and I can't wait to reach it! So why am I suddenly slacking off? Why am I in this funk?

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