Monday, 1 December 2008


I lost the weight of the baby at least! My offical weigh-in was tonight, and I lost 6.5 pounds for a total loss now of 52.5 pounds!

I plan on losing big this week too! My husband Robert and I are both going to work together again on losing weight during the week. (Since he's been at target, he's not been working with me as much on it.)

My back is still hurting from the botched epidural during my labor, but I think I can still get some exercise in this week.


  1. you are doing so great on the weight loss Becky! What a blessing this week is for you, another nice loss and a beautiful baby in your arms. :) way to go on breaking the 50 mark!

  2. Wow, girl have a baby and you are already exercising. I am woman, hear me roar!

  3. I do find it harder because I'm so tired from lack of sleep that I have to push myself more to eat right and exercise. But I'm still doing it. :)


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