Monday 20 October 2008

Another Weight Loss

I lost another 1/2 pound. It's not much, but at this stage of pregnancy (4.5 weeks to go), I'll take it! I'm now down 41.5 pounds total.

Here in the UK, they measure a person's weight in "stone." One stone equals 14 pounds. So I had only one more pound to lose to reach 3 stone lost (42 pounds), and I made that my next mini goal. I really thought I had reached it this week, but I only dropped the 1/2 pound, so I still have 1/2 pound to go.

I worked so hard at it that it gets frustrating to see the weight coming off so slowly, even though, rationally, I know the baby's growth inside me is why it's coming off so slowly. I still feel like I should be seeing bigger losses.

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