Friday, 30 January 2009

Non Scale Victory

It has been a little while since I took my kids to our local mother and toddler group, but they love going so I made myself take them to it today. I wore a new blouse I bought recently. Most of my clothes are now loose and baggy on me, but this one fits and shows off my new figure a little bit.

It was so worth wearing my new shirt! The women there all commented on my weight loss, and I wish I could show their faces to you when I first walked in! Some of them actually looked stunned. Most of them looked surprised. It felt great and gave a huge boost to my ego and my motivation.

Oh, and it's hard to believe it has happened so fast, but this is my 100th post!


  1. WOW, doesn't that feel good when people notice!

  2. Congratulations on No. 100! That's fantastic! And I'm sure seeing their faces was just the best feeling. Congrats!

  3. That's so cool!!! You gotta love givin' everyone a shock :)

  4. really hits home, when people notice. good for you!

  5. such a great job on the nsv AND in finding women who are supportive and not threatened by your success.

    I mean that.



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