Monday 5 January 2009

Our 7th Anniversary

Today is Robert's and my 7th wedding anniversary. Traditional gifts are suppposed to be wool, and it's been snowing here, so I gave him a wool hat and gloves and he bought me a beautiful, soft, black shawl. (It's not actually wool, because he knows I am allergic to wool.) He also bought me a sentimental card and a single red rose.

I would have liked to have found his wedding ring that he lost due to losing so much weight that it fell off his finger, but it never was found. I'll be buying him a new one soon, because he misses it. But the new one won't be as special as the first one which I put on his finger as I said my vows.

We have our weigh-in tonight, but we will not be staying for the meeting. We are going out for dinner tonight instead.

In all of these seven years (and before), I have never once doubted how much he loves me, and I have never had any reason to question my love for him.

Happy anniversary, Robert!

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