Sunday 2 November 2008

"Before" Pictures & a "During" Picture

Okay, so here's an idea of what I looked like before I started losing this weight, and what I looked like at the end of August after losing 34 pounds of the 41 I have lost so far. Now, remember, in the August photo, I was already 27+ weeks pregnant, so most of the weight loss will only be visible in my face. You can also see the difference in my husband Robert since he has lost the weight too, despite the fact that, in August, he had not yet reached his goal weight, but he now has.

I'm the one hiding behind my kids, and I have long red hair. (I hated having my picture taken.) This was taken sometime in early 2007.

And here's an even earlier "before" picture at Easter 2006, while I was pregnant with Connor.

And here are two photos, one that shows me with five of my six kids while we were in London at the end of last August (and at 27+ weeks pregnant) and one that shows my husband Robert with the kids. I'm calling them "during" photos, because we have both lost more weight since they were taken, and because I will still lose more weight in the days to come, so they don't really qualify as "after" photos.

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  1. Wow! Your hair is beautiful! I'm jealous! And I can definitely see the difference in the recent photo.


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