Thursday 13 November 2008

What Keeps Me Going?

I have a confession to make. I hate exercising on my elliptical crosstrainer. Even with the music I listen to in order to help pass the time, I can't seem to stop myself from watching the time tick slowly by as I exercise, counting down until I have finished my workout. I hate getting sweaty and hot. I hate it when my muscles start to ache. I hate starting to breathe heavier.

I know the conventional wisdom about finding an exercise that I like doing, but I can't go for walks right now due to my pregnancy-caused SPD which causes me severe hip and pelvic pain. And I have six kids (until my seventh is born), three of them who are still quite young, so I am unable to get away for a different type of exercise very often. I have the elliptical machine at home, so I am able to put some time into working out on it.

So what keeps me doing it? What on earth keeps me going with this exercising each day when I hate it so much?

Because I really, really love the results. I love that I've lost 43 pounds so far and that I've probably lost even more which will finally show when the baby is born. I love that my face is looking thinner. I love that I can fit into clothes while almost 9 months pregnant that didn't fit me before I was pregnant. I love that I can do more physical activities for longer without getting out of breath or tired. I love that my health is improving in noticeable ways. I love that I can fit through our child safety gates without scraping my hips against the sides as I squeeze through.

And this list just goes on.

So the answer is simple. I keep going with my exercise and diet, because I want the results badly enough to not give up.

What keeps you going?

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  1. I like the results. I like the euphoric feeling I get after exercising about accomplishing something for the day. And it's a great stress reliever. Honestly, exercise has gotten to be something I actually enjoy doing.


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