Saturday 15 November 2008

Scale Frustration!

Why is it that I let myself obsess over the scale? I already know that my scale fluctuates wildly and never reads the same twice. And yet, I so want to step on it and have it tell me I've lost weight!

Yesterday afternoon, it did tell me I'd lost weight. This morning, usually when I weigh my lowest, it told me I was 2 pounds up from yesterday's weight. I know this can't be, and yet I still get frustrated and cranky because of what the scale tells me.

We went a couple of weeks when both of our scales were not working because they needed new batteries. The inability to weigh myself daily also drove me nuts!

My calories have been in the low-range of my daily calorie allowance all week and I am exercising 85 minutes a day on the elliptical crosstrainer. By all rights, I should still see a loss when I go to my weigh-in on Monday, so why do I let my scale at home frustrate me so much?!!!


  1. I am right there with you!! I know weight fluctuates. However, today I feel the scale is a fickle, bitchy, vendictive snot! LOL As you can tell, I'm not happy with mine today either. Yesterday I had lost 3 lbs, but as today is my weigh in day - I had to weigh this am and have now only lost .2 of a lb. Grrrrrr! I say we tell our scales the they indead DO look fat in that outfit AND smell funny :) Grrrrr!

    Yah know what - tomorrow will be a better day..... this too shall pass :)

  2. You know... I don't believe in scales. I'm all about the inches lost and how I look in the mirror. I have been a size 18 at 180lbs and a size 14 at 176lbs. The pounds don't matter at all :) Once you break free of the scale mentality, life becomes much happier.

  3. I can't go by my inches yet - not until the bay is here! LOL!

  4. Yeah, the scale really is just a number (even though I have a tendency to put a lot of emphasis on the scale as well). It's really about losing fat, not weight. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  5. stop weighing yourself every day woman! specially as you know the scales are inconsistent!


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