Wednesday 24 September 2008

Gym membership?

My husband Robert and I stopped in to have a look around a local gym. It's a 2 mile walk from our house, and we are thinking of joining it after the baby arrives. Robert is only 5 pounds away from his goal weight, so he is wanting to use the weight machines and start toning and firming up now.

It looks like an okay gym. It has the equipment we want to use. And it has a large pool for swimming laps, plus two jacuzzis. I have not been swimming in years! When I was young, I was on the swim team at school. I grew up with a large pool in my back garden. I really, really miss swimming! So I really love the idea of being able to use the pool there. And, for a fee, we can bring the kids with us to the pool on weekends.

The only thing annoying about our tour was how cheery and perky the tour guide was. Even the way she spoke seemd fake and overly cheery as if she had been trained to speak that way to help "make the sale." Bleh!

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