Friday 19 September 2008

Not Again!!!!

Remember my post about 4 days ago about my husband losing his wedding ring because he's lost so much weight that it fell off of his finger? Well, my wedding ring and engagement ring were not all that loose on my fingers yet. They could spin more and could be taken on and off more easily, but you could still see the indentation in my skin when they were taken off.

Apparently, I lost a little weight in my fingers this week. My engagement ring, something that has been on my finger since Robert proposed to me back in May of 2000, has fallen off of my finger!!! I have no idea where it is! I am in tears about this!

I took the dog for a walk this morning around the park. Then I took the kids to a local mother and toddler group that we go to on Friday mornings. I was sat down chatting with some other mothers when I reached to fiddle with my rings (it's a habit I have and I do it frequently). To my horror, my engagement ring was gone!!! I looked all over the place at the toddler group. Then I walked home the same route I took to get there and checked carefully along the way for it. I even followed my path that I took the dog on around the park, but there was no sign of it.

I can't believe we have both lost two very special rings full of sentimental value to us IN THE SAME WEEK!

I really am so sad right now.

I'm trying to be positive though and keep telling myself that we'll find them.

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