Monday 22 September 2008

The Scale Blues

My weigh-in is tonight. Usually, I will show any drop in my weight by Monday morning. I weighed myself this morning, and the scale is showing my weight as up 4.5 pounds since yesterday morning! Now, I know this isn't possible because I ate really healthy yesterday and kept my calories on the lower end of the range I allow myself. In fact, all week I exercised MORE than I normally do and ate really healthily! I know that the baby growing inside me is adding weight, but I was so very good this week that I should be able to see at least a half-pound loss. When I plugged my exercise into SparkPeople, it said I had burned 3,900+ calories. That's more than a pound's worth of calories burned in exercise alone! And on top of that, my diet was really good too.

I was really determined to lose a tiny bit of weight ths week to make up for the one pound I gained last week. Last week, I hadn't been exercising much, so this week I made up for it, despite the pain in my hip and pelvic area. Is it too much to ask that the scale show me something for all the effort I have been putting in?!

Sometimes, when I do my weigh-in in the evening (weigh-in is at 8:00pm), it surprises me by showing me a loss despite what my scale says. Generally though, my scale here is a pretty good predictor of what the scale there will say. I'm going to be relally upset if I have gained this week. I won't be upset if I've maintained, but I will be disappointed.

I'm only 2.5 pounds away from my next mini goal, and I was really hoping to get at least part-way there this week.

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