Friday 12 September 2008

Not Such A Good Week

I don't think I am going to lose weight this week. I'll be lucky if I don't gain. Up until today, I've been eating really healthily, but I'm not getting any exercise at all because the SPD/sciatica pain caused by my pregnancy is keeping me pretty immobile this week.

And tonight, I had a chicken doner kebab from the local take-away. I have no idea how many calories it was; it could be anywhere from not-making-me-go-over-my-calories for the day to putting me WAY over my calories for the day. *sigh* I'm only 1.5 pounds away from my next mini goal, but it is really unlikely that I am going to reach it this week. I will be AMAZED if I don't put on a tiny bit of weight this week.

On top of the pain I am experiencing, I have been unbelievably tired too! I thought I must be coming down with something, but I haven't come down with anything yet, so no real explanation for the fatigue. And when I'm really over-tired, I get the urge to munch more often. That's been a real battle for me this week.

And did I mention that it's my daughter Kayla's 14th birthday today and her birthday cake is calling to me? Will one sort-of bad day food-wise and a bad week exercise-wise cause me to gain this week? Am I wrong to still be hoping to see a loss this week, no matter how small?

This is the first time in the 17 weeks I have been dieting that I feel like I've blown it. Either way, it's a temporary situation and I will not let it keep me from continuing on this journey to a slimmer, fitter me.

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