Monday, 15 September 2008

One Drawback To Weight Loss I Hadn't Thought Of

My husband Robert has been losing weight along with me. He lost a lot of weight before joining the club with me, and since he joined the club, he has lost another 28 pounds. We both noticed that his wedding ring was really loose on his finger. It fell off a few times, but we always heard it land on the ground and he put it back on. We talked about needing to get it resized, but we never actually got around to doing it.

Today, he arrived at work to find out that it wasn't on his finger! I have looked in the bathroom and the bedroom and around the house, but there is no sign of it. He went to two stores this morning, and he took our daughter Gabby to school before biking to work. It could be absolutely anywhere!

I'm now getting our little ones dressed so we can go retrace his morning footsteps and see if the ring turns up along the way. I will be picking Gabby up from school at 3:00pm, so I will check her classroom at that time, if I still haven't found it.

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  1. this same thing happened to me a couple of years ago, i ended up losing all the baby weight and more after cohen. i looked into buying a new one that was the same and had started saving up for it when my mom found it under the seat in her car, this was months after i lost it, so you just never know! i will keep my fingers crossed that you find robert's ring.


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