Monday 22 September 2008

Scale Variation

You've all done this. Stepped on the scale, not liked what you've seen and then stepped on it again to see if you can get a more forgiving weight on the second try. And the odd thing is that sometimes you will!

It is the bane of slimmers everywhere, the constantly fluctuating scale. Some of the fluctuations are natural and part of your body's daily rhythms. And some of the fluctuations are just random and can change from one minute to the next. It makes it difficult to know what your true weight is.

And I've tried cheap scales, expensive scales, digital scales and every other kind of scale I can think of. It's the same with them all. I remember one day when my husband and I were moving the scale around the house until we found a spot where our scale weighed us the lowest! (We did not continue to do that though, because it's, a bit on the crazy, obsessive side! LOL!)

I have two scales. One weighs me 13 to 14 pounds lower than the other one. Neither one weighs me the same as the one at Slimming World. I bought the second, more expensive one, a Weight Watcher's brand, because I thought it would weigh me more consistently than the first one. No such luck!

I have a theory. I think that scales are more consistent and accurate for lower-weight people. I might be wrong. I guess I will have to wait until I'm slim and fit to find out!


  1. i think scales are more accurate for skinny people too! my husband and i tested the theory somewhat. we asked three of our skinny friends to weigh themselves on our scale 5 times. then we weighed ourselves the same number of times. the scale had little or no variation for those weighing less than 150 lbs.

    of course our experiment is far from accurate, but at least it explains all those fluctuations!

  2. LOL! I knew it!!! :)

    Not a bad experiment to test the theory. :)


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